2017 Schedule

2017 CTWSL Official Schedule

Home Team is listed last.  All games are doubleheaders at 4pm & 6pm, unless otherwise noted.

June 4, 2017

West Hartford at Canton
Angels at Flames
Bombers at Mirage Women
Rocky Hill at Watertown
Mirage Gold at Tides

June 11, 2017

West Hartford at Angels
Flames at Canton
Mirage Women at Mirage Gold
Tides at Watertown
Rocky Hill at Bombers

June 18, 2017

Canton at Angels
Watertown at Bombers
Mirage Women at Tides
Rocky Hill at Mirage Gold
West Hartford at Flames

June 25, 2017

Angels at Mirage Women
Bombers at Canton
West Hartford at Watertown
Rocky Hill at Tides
Flames at Mirage Gold

July 9, 2017

Tides at West Hartford
Mirage Women at Rocky Hill
Mirage Gold at Watertown
Flames at Bombers
Canton at Angels

July 16, 2017

Tides at Flames
Bombers at Mirage Gold
Watertown at Mirage Women
Angels at West Hartford
Canton at Rocky Hill

July 23, 2017

Mirage Gold at West Hartford
Watertown at Canton
Flames at Mirage Women
Angels at Rocky Hill
Bombers at Tides **5:00 p.m. start**

July 30, 2017 CT-WSL Tournament:

Location: Veteran’s Park, Nova Scotia Hill Road, Watertown, CT

(Note: Seeding is determined first by total points earned during season (Win counts for 3 points, tie counts for 1 point), then by head-to-head match (margin of victory is disregarded in this instance), then by least amount of runs allowed, and lastly by most runs scored. If there is still no tie breaker, seeding will be determined by coin flip.)