How We Draft New Players

Looking to play competitive women’s adult fastpitch softball this summer?  Teams in the Connecticut Women’s Softball League are looking for experienced players.  The process to be “drafted” works as follows:

1) Interested players are asked to send an e-mail to the League Director, Al Harrison, at or a private message to our Facebook page.  In the e-mail/message, we ask that you let us know what town or city you live, what experience you had playing (high school, college, etc.), and what positions you prefer to play.  Feel free to let us know about any softball accomplishments you achieved,

2) I will post this information, along with your e-mail address, to the “Free Agent Listing”, a password protected page only the coaches have access to.  We make it a policy to not post telephone numbers of potential players, as we prefer to post as little personal information as possible on the Internet, even if it is password protected.

3) Coaches looking to fill positions within their rosters will e-mail you, and probably ask for your phone number.  Since you are a “free agent”, you can decide which team you’d prefer to play for (possibly one closer to where you live).

All coaches set their own registration fees based on their team’s budget, and can vary from team to team based on whether a portion of their budget is underwritten.  All coaches (and the League Director) are non-paid volunteers, which means that registration fees are very reasonable (usually less than $200, including 14 games over 7 weekends, and a season ending tournament for qualifying teams).

If you have any questions about the League, please feel free to address them to me personally (

Al Harrison, League Director
Connecticut Women’s Softball League

Are You Looking to Play Fastpitch Softball This Summer?

If you are interested in playing fastpitch softball this summer, e-mail League Director Tony Muscarella at .   The League keeps a private listing of players available only to coaches.  Your name and e-mail address will be listed there and, if a coach needs your help, you will be contacted by them directly.  Remember to let us know what positions you prefer to play.  Thank you for your interest.